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Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners & Advance Guitarists

Trying to learn how to play guitar as a beginner can be a daunting task, I have been through it before. Being able to play the guitar is possibly one of the most rewarding skills you can choose to learn, more so if you can build up from a beginner. It is important that you get the best online guitar lessons so you can start making progress today! You might even be able to play your first song in a few hours.

When I started out 25 years ago there were only a handful of ways to learn to play the guitar. Most of the people I knew went with a face-to-face teacher but I preferred being able to learn at my own pace so opted for books and VHS (Eventually into DVDs).

In this day and age though I’d be surprised if people still used books and DVDs to get started. Don’t get me wrong face-to-face tutoring is likely just as popular as they were when I was a beginner looking to learn guitar but with the internet, you now have thousands of online guitar lessons at your fingertips.

This advancement in technology has, of course, brought a great wealth of guitar lessons and general tips and tricks to people who may not have even considered picking up a guitar 20 or 30 years ago.

Below I have listed what I consider to be the best online guitar lessons websites. Be sure to have a read through and jump in with the one that suits you. My reviews cover everything a guitar beginner should need to know but a couple websites do have free trials so you can have a little look around.

The 6 Best Websites For Guitar Lessons

WebsiteSkill LevelPrice (per month)NotesFree Trial
Rated 5 out of 5
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Beginner to Advanced$19.95Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are very similar in terms of quality but GT does offer a massive library of songs compared to JamPlay. If you're a beginner and looking to learn actual songs then I would suggest Guitar Tricks for the overall value.

Overall my personal favourite is Guitar Tricks!
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Rated 4 out of 5
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Beginner to Advanced$19.95The first I used and a very good source for all levels, especially newbie guitarists. Decent selection of songs and topics to learn with live lessons. JamPlay offer some unique features which are well worth looking at.Yes - Click Here For Free Trial
artistworks logo
Rated 4 out of 5
Beginner to Advanced$35Much like the competition but they have a unique 1-on-1 instruction with the Video Exchange - maybe worth a look for some.No - Click To Sign Up
(Some free lessons)

Rated 3 out of 5
Intermediate to Advance$19.95Great if you already have the basics and know a little about playing guitar. Not suitable for beginners.No - Click To Sign Up
justin guitar logo
Rated 2 out of 5
(DVD and Books needed)
Justin Guitar is a good resource for free lessons which I have watched myself. The website is free but for more in-depth training you need to buy expensive DVDs and books.Free
[Not Recommended]
(One off payment)
One off payment sounds great but the content isn't updated. I don't recommend this website anymore.No
Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is second on this list but if I am honest, it’s technically joint No. 1.

I have used this website many times. Actually, it is suited to my style of learning and it has a massive library of songs that I am wanting to learn. I am a huge fan of Guitar Tricks so much so that I am currently going throw the song list to see what else I can learn.

If you want to learn songs to show off your new skills to friends and family then I would be more inclined to suggest Guitar Tricks. They simply have a larger library of songs and cover some of the most well-known songs for guitar players.

They have an excellent core system for beginners which will get you results although it is a little more rigid in its delivery compared to JamPlay. You can follow a path of fundamentals and then lead into Rock style which absolutely works perfectly. I just feel JamPlay have a slightly better system – my opinion though. That being said if you are a beginner and want to learn the foundation aspects of playing guitar and then move onto playing songs you know then Guitar Tricks is 100% what you will want.

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  • They have been around a long time! – They started in 1998! I remember them from back in the early 2000s. Over the last couple of decades, they have grown the expertise, skills, and library of lessons to over 11,000 lessons and 600 well-known songs.
  • High Quality & 4K – Guitar Tricks focussed early on in providing high-quality video content which now supports 4K resolutions. New content is being delivered every month with crispy 4K video, making it feel like your right next to your instructor.
  • Guitar Lessons for Beginners to Advanced – There is a great mix of content for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. You will not be bored when you realize you can go from one lesson to the next and keep growing better and better as a guitarist.
  • You will learn songs you know – The main selling point has to be the library of songs that are professionally taught by guitarists that are well known and at the top of the industry. You won’t just know the chords and techniques behind playing guitar, you will be able to play some great songs too.

As I mentioned before JamPlay and Guitar Tricks are both very similar in what they offer. They just provide slightly different takes on learning guitar online. Instead of the more community focused JamPlay, Guitar Tricks provide almost double the number of lessons and a song library which is unmatched.

In my opinion, if you want to learn guitar, pick up the fundamentals, some extra techniques and then start getting into a type of music then Guitar Tricks is for you. For example, I like to pick up some new techniques and learn some new aspects of the guitar but I also want to learn some song to show off and jam along with friends.

I also don’t mind being that person at a party who can play guitar. So knowing some well-known songs comes in handy too.



JamPlay is my top recommendation for anyone looking for guitar lessons for beginners to advanced guitarists.

If you are looking to just get started on the road of learning to play guitar then I can’t suggest JamPlay highly enough. Once signed up you will be able to start walking through courses set up for beginners in mind. You can very easily work your way up to an advanced guitarist.

The biggest selling point for many is the community-driven approach. You will have live lessons to get involved in with various teachers throughout the month. You can interact with the instructor and get personal feedback. You also get access to the Daily Q&A which is designed so you can get personal help with questions straight away!

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Why Choose JamPlay?

  • Over 6,390 Full HD Video Lessons – They have an incredible amount of video content for you to walk through. Not all of it will be of interest to everyone but they have every type of guitarist covered. JamPlay also actively record new lessons and publish 11 hours of new content every month. Also, there are new guitar lessons added every single day.
  • Structured & Phases Lessons – The frustrating aspect of free videos is there hit or miss in terms of your experience and what it tries to teach. With JamPlay you can clearly identify what lessons are suitable and which are likely still a little bit in the future based on the structured aspect and continuity of learning.
  • High-Quality Video – Many of the free websites you have likely already used have visibly poor video quality. JamPlay though has full HD videos for its lessons and new videos also have 4K as an option. It will be like your sitting with your teacher in front of you.
  • The Community – One of the main selling points is the community that JamPlay have created. Thousands of like-minded people all wanting to learn the guitar. The live video lessons and daily Q&A sessions are nothing short of amazing. You also won’t miss out on the live content as all content is archived daily so you can access it later.

JamPlay and Guitar Tricks are the two best websites in my opinion. They offer similar levels of quality lessons but they do differ slightly in terms of the content and song libraries they provide. Which one suits you will come down to what you want to learn and how you think you will learn better.

JamPlay has what is, in my opinion, a better method for beginners as they have teachers provide courses for beginners which will walk through all of the basics of learning the guitar. Whereas Guitar Tricks it’s own core Learning System which is a little more rigid. Again, this is personal preference as they both have excellent lessons and will provide the highest quality lessons available.

You then have the community which is second to none for the paid lessons websites. Live lessons, the ability to ask questions and even interact with your tutor is fantastic. I wish I had something similar back 25 years ago!

Why not get started with the 7 day FREE TRIAL at JamPlay?



ArtistWorks is what I like to consider a traditional form of learning with new technology. By that I mean back in the 90s and early 2000s you’d buy guitar lessons on DVD or VHS and you’d get a certain amount of training with a specific instructor and objective in mind.

That is a similar model that ArtistWorks uses now where instead of paying a monthly fee for complete access to everything you will choose the School or Instructor you want to learn from and pay for access to that specific content. For some, this may be exactly what you want to do. I prefer a single cost for complete access to all content.

If you want to specialize your guitar knowledge in a certain direction and want to learn from well-known guitarists then ArtistWorks is a great option. For example, if you want to learn Fingerstyle Jazz then you will learn with Grammy® nominated Martin Taylor who has collaborated with some of the biggest names in guitar. If though you want to learn Rock styles then the Grammy® nominated Paul Gilbert known from the group Mr. Big will be your instructor.

My biggest issue is simply based on the library of content available. If you want to learn broad topics than you should be happy enough, but if you are looking to learn specific techniques then ArtistWorks might not be best for you.

  • Known Instructors – You will be hard pressed to find another guitar lesson website with a similar caliber of Instructor. These guitarists are known the world over for their skills and creativity.
  • Guitar Shredding made easy – ArtistWorks provide high-quality videos and slow motion which for those looking at the finer finger work and guitar shredding will be able to keep up and get the techniques sorted easily. The slow-motion videos are a useful addition for these specific types of techniques and lessons.
  • Video Exchange Learning ® – A unique selling point for ArtistWorks is their use of there Video Exchange Learning which allows students to record videos of themselves playing the guitar and sending it to their instructor for personal and tailored feedback from your instructor.
  • Community – All students can contribute to the ArtistWorks community with the use of the official forum. You will be able to share success stories, songs, tips and tricks you have learned.

ArtistWorks costs a little more than the other websites coming in at $35 per month and billed every 3 months. The investment is higher and for some guitarists looking for what ArtistWorks provide the cost will not be a problem. To be honest where else can you learn from the likes of Martin Taylor and Paul Gilbert!

In my opinion, ArtistWorks do offer an enticing way to learn guitar but it is a very specific offer. You would need to want to learn from the instructor or the topic they cover instead of joining the likes of JamPlay or Guitar Tricks and learning any topic you want whenever you want for the same monthly cost which is cheaper too!

I would be more inclined to suggest ArtistWorks to someone who already knows a little bit about playing guitar. If you are a beginner then I would suggest Guitar Tricks or JamPlay first.


TrueFire is an online guitar lesson website. They have actually been around since 1991. Overall the have over 30,000 lessons and 700 courses which is a mindblowing amount of content.

With that in mind, the amount of content I feel causes issues for beginners. The sheer amount of courses and lessons will confuse beginners and possibly even slow your progress. There doesn’t seem to be any natural starting point when a beginner signs up. Whereas Guitar Tricks will force beginners into selecting a few certain paths designed specifically for them. JamPlay also has a similar issue where they don’t have a forced beginning point for Beginners. That being said if you have a look around you will find plenty of guitar lessons for beginners. You just have to look for them.

If you are an intermediate or advanced guitarist then TrueFire is a great platform to use. Actually, if you already know how to play guitar and want to advance your skills then I’d be more inclined to suggest TrueFire than anything else. There are lots of lessons and courses for a guitarist with years of experience to learn from, you will not run out of lessons to learn.

Where TrueFire really lacks is with the song library. Something most guitarist will want to do is learn a few songs now and then, but with TrueFire you will be hard pressed to find many songs. That being said, TrueFire targets guitarist who are looking to learn techniques instead of learning specific songs so this is by design from TrueFire.

  • Lots of known instructors – TrueFire has an impressive number of well-known guitar instructors. Over 140 actually. This may well be a selling point on its own for many guitar students.
  • The largest supplier of lessons – With over 30,000 lessons and 700+ courses they are the largest supplier of online guitar lessons. This is a pro and con though remember.
  • Not for beginners – TrueFire feels like it was designed for intermediate and Advanced guitarists. The amount of techniques and advanced lessons is unrivaled.

Do I recommend TrueFire? Yes and no. If you are a beginner, then absolutely not. I would recommend Guitar Tricks or JamPlay.

If you are looking for a website that has known guitar instructors and caters for advanced and intermediate techniques then it should absolutely be worth considering.

Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar is the free guitar lesson website that we all know. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t already know about this when they ask me about lessons.

As with everything in life, nothing is really free. The lessons you can get for free are just that, free. But, they do push you into a sales funnel for eBooks and DVDs to learn guitar. Not a deal breaker but if all you want is high-quality guitar lessons then I am sure it will get annoying fast.

When you compare Justin Guitar to another website like Guitar Tricks then you can easily see the difference in quality. The lessons at Guitar Tricks are more structured, better produced and provide an easier and better experience for students. If you have found yourself on this website and you already know about Justin Guitar then it is safe to assume that you are wanting to step up your game.

Do I recommend Justin Guitar? If you are a complete beginner then it might be worth a look. Although, I would still recommend Guitar Tricks to any beginner who wants to learn guitar as it’s cheaper in the long run and has better structured lessons.

Note: I haven’t bought any of the Justin Guitar DVDs or books so can’t comment on the quality. Although I have been told from people that have bought DVDs and videos that the content is OK but clearly older content.

Jamorama [Not Recommended – Don’t Buy]

Overall the websites above (JamPlay, Guitar Tricks, and ArtistWorks) are the ones I would suggest you have a look at as they have masses of content, lessons and some truly awesome unique selling points.

Jamorama is a small fish when compared to those three. Now that isn’t to say its bad or low quality. The guitar lessons are OK but there simply isn’t many of them and content isn’t updated.

If though you are looking for the best online guitar lessons for a beginner then Jamorama could be a choice, but I really would recommend against it. Coming in at $100 for a lifetime membership it looks like great value for money, but the content doesn’t get updated.

  • Lifetime access – The one-off cost of $99.95 makes this website look like a good investment for anyone who wants to walk through the basics of playing the guitar, but there are better options with better lessons and better value for money. For $99.95 the value for money was OK years ago, these days there are better options.
  • Proven step-by-step – Jamorama claim to have a proven step-by-step process to help you learn using their online lessons. I can’t comment on how well the system is as I already know my way around the guitar, but it is interesting when you consider they provide a 120 days money back guarantee.
  • Website and Video Quality – Funnily enough I like the Jamorama website more than the others. Clean, fresh and organized well 3 aspects that don’t make a massive difference but they are welcome. Video quality is great with HD videos that can be accessed anywhere and anytime you need them.

Would I recommend Jamorama? Honestly, no. There are better options for beginners. The real selling point I do like is the one-off payment as that will likely suit a lot of beginners on a budget but again the proposition of a one-off payment is lost when you realize the content hasn’t been updated for a long time (possibly years!). Put it this way, I put Jamorama below the free website.

Why Choose Online Guitar Lessons?

I will be completely honest here, face-to-face lessons are great when you have a knowledgeable and skilled teacher.

My main issue with face-to-face lessons is finding a local guitar teacher that actually knows there stuff is difficult. If you are a beginner then it is impossible as you don’t really know what makes a good teacher different from a bad teacher. In my experience, an hourly rate for a guitar teacher is rarely a reliable measure of how good they are. Only of how busy they are (In my opinion).

When you compare a local teacher that might charge $40 for an hour lesson against the best online guitar lesson websites who will charge between $20 to $30 per month then you start to understand the value for money usually sits with online lessons. If you then take it a step further and just compare the skills and knowledge of the local teacher you have found and compare it to the main well known and award-winning guitarists that these websites use then again you have to give it to the online lessons.

Are Online Guitar Lessons Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely! Actually, I would suggest these guitar lessons for beginners before I would suggest face-to-face, in person courses or even learning at School.

Finding reliable and cheap guitar lessons for beginners is easy in this day and age. Many people can go from never even touching a guitar to knowing and understanding the basics within a few days with the help of these websites. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could learn your first song in a few hours and have your favorite song mastered in a few weeks.

Structured guitar lessons are a must have for any beginner so be sure to have a look through the websites I suggest and maybe even sign up for a free trial to dip your toes in.

Why Should I Pay?

There are thousands of free guitar training videos that can be found online from sources like YouTube and even Justin Guitar. In my opinion, it’s not a case of one or the other. You can easily start off with free lessons but I suspect you might get to a point where your video hopping from learning one set of chords after another and then jumping to learn a specific song. If that suits you then great!

If on the other hand, you want to learn how to play the guitar, and not how to play just a specific song then I would strongly suggest you try some paid online lessons. Some of the websites provide free trials so there is no harm in trying it out for a few weeks to see if you benefit.

Main Advantages for Online Guitar Lessons

  • Convenient – You can pick up your guitar at any time of the day and just start a lesson. All you need is your guitar and laptop, in most cases, a tablet or even a mobile will work. You dictate when, where and how often you have a guitar lesson.
  • Pace – If you want to spend the whole weekend nailing the basics then you can do that in front of your laptop. With a face-to-face teacher though you will struggle to learn the basics in a month or two, depending on affordability and their general availability.
  • Choice – Something many guitarists who have had face-to-face tutoring will tell you is that they had to learn specific types of music as that is what their teacher knew. With online lessons, you dictate what you learn. Do you want to jump from learning the basics to Rock? Then you can do that at no extra cost.
  • Structure – When you compare free to paid lessons you will notice a significant increase in quality. You will learn proper techniques and a lot faster than you will have if you were video hopping on YouTube. Learning guitar with a structured course is the most important aspect to ensure you actually understand the techniques and when, where and why to use them.
  • Price – The reason most people choose online training is the cost. The best online guitar lesson websites around $20 per month whereas a face-to-face teacher local to you is likely to be around $40 just for one lesson. The few people I have asked about using local teachers have said they would need 4 or 5 sessions to feel comfortable with the basics of how to play the guitar.

How Did I Choose These Websites?

In all honesty, this is simply my opinion on what I have seen work for me, friends who now play guitar and various other guitarists that I know. I have also experienced many of these websites and ones not listed on this list for years, so I have a good grasp on what sites have good content and are updated regularly and which are a little light on updates.

Affiliate Disclosure: This website is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review and when you choose to use them. This doesn’t affect how I review products. When I see something is good I mention it and when something is bad I REALLY mention it.