Guitar Guru


Hi again! As I have mentioned I am Nate.

I started playing guitar a few years ago, it was a new years resolution because I had always wanted to play. I started off buying a beginner guitar and getting hooked on YouTube videos. After about a year I was able to play small parts of my favourite songs – Seven Nation Army, All My life, etc. It was just the easy repetitive parts I was able to play though.

I found a friend of mine had been learning guitar also but he was getting face to face lessons. Granted he had made a lot of progress and was playing full songs, reading tabs and music and even adding his own marks to songs he was playing. So as you can guess I tried to get myself some lessons… They are expensive though, VERY expensive. There was 2 problems I had with lessons in person the big one was cost, for a good teacher it was easily $50 just for one hour lesson. The second problem is my availability, I work a lot of hours and trying to plan a lesson with someone was a difficult.

I mean who wants to work all day and then come home and have to sit through a lesson! I was dedicated to learning guitar but I wasn’t that dedicated!

Then I found out about learning guitar using online teaching and never looked back. Well actually, I did look back a few times until I found the best online guitar lessons for me.  I do a few online lessons every week inline with what I want to learn next but to begin with the structured lessons for beginners was PERFECT and EXACTLY what I needed in order to not throw the towel in.

I now play in a few bands where we play in small clubs and bars playing a few of our own songs as well as covers of rock and jazz. I am no where near a good player but I am 100% better than I was and my bank balance doesn’t even miss the $19 I pay each month.